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Dr Smith Organic Fenugreek

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Fenugreek seed is rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Its composition of mineral salts including phosphorus, iron, and magnesium are at the origin of the neuromuscular stimulating properties. Our cure is therefore recommended for people who have lost their appetite or who are victims of weight loss. Its main active ingredient, saponins, stimulates the appetite while accelerating the healing of infections and inflammations of the stomach and intestine. It is therefore useful in the management of intestinal disorders and helps the digestive system to rebalance itself.


Dosage: 250 mg / capsule - 1 to 6 capsule(s) / day
Our capsules are organic and made in France.
The capsules are made of vegetable gelatin and are suitable for vegan diets.
Part used: seed

Dietary supplement. This product cannot replace a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Organic Fenugreek* 270mg
*powder from organic farming
Capsules of vegetable origin (HPMC) 75 mg
Net weight: 15.5 g / 62.1 g (45 or 180 capsules of 345 mg)

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